I feel thrilled and excited to hear Cantor Simon Cohen praying the "Unetane Tokef". I am not talking about singing, I'm talking about praying.Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv Israel, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau Shlita

The audience really went wild over Cohen, and was reluctant to let him leave the stage...Jerusalem Post 2010

Simon has a powerful, flexible lyric tenor voice with a brilliant and exciting tone, across a wide dynamic spectrum... Jerusalem Post 2010

His award winning disc of live recordings Ashira LaHashem once again testifies to a powerful lyric tenor voice with musical sensitivity. Jewish Tribune Reuven Turner 2010

Dear Cantor Simon: You have a God given and blessed voice. Terrific! John Fegen NY

Stellar!! The perfect voice for chazzanut and beautiful, musical interperetation and kavannah. Bravo!!!. Michael Smol.... New York

Absolutely a pleasure to listen to. He has one of the most expressive voices of all the chazzonim today. Vintage NY

Simon you are world class! A voice from heaven. When are you coming to NY? We want you in our Shul!! Your voice rings out with such clarity and warmth. I am enjoying all your youtubes but I want the real thing Rosenblatt NY